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Tackling millennial loneliness in Interior Design

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

B Works, Manchester

With loneliness becoming a nationwide epidemic, Night Tales set out to beat millennial loneliness within a food hall. However, other than the idea of Night Tales being based on a nightlife experience, making it challenging for full time, working or disabled millennial's to attend, I think the initiative is well executed.

Arguments towards eliminating the aspect of loneliness were taken from an article based on workplace. “By providing a collection of spaces - informal lounge areas, quick touchdown spots, perch seating - resident and nomadic workers can quickly switch between formal-work and informal-social coverations.” [sic] (Steelcase, n.d.).

By doing so, workers were able to switch their work life to become partnered with social aspects. However, the designers have achieved this by separating and creating a different atmosphere, whereas Night Tales sought out to combine and integrate every aspect into one, thus avoiding separation and boundaries. Therefore, I personally think that by combining the categories such as work and play, are people able to really endeavor in the social experience.

When attending a CPD event which was hosted by I-AM, their interiors are what inspired me, but one caught my eye the most. Based in Manchester, “B Works” used a range of techniques to benefit from a range of availability as stated on their site “B Works will give the people of Manchester and the UK-from freelancers and students, to start-ups, SMEs and the self-employed – an exciting new creative space to learn, work and bank”. (B Works, n.d.)

With the information from the lecture, I visited the bank to see what it had to offer, and my experience was led to believe that the idea of loneliness had been tackled as the space was open to a sociable and calm atmosphere. In relation to the article in the challenge to beat millennial loneliness, the bank opens up opportunities for millennial's to do everything in one place, similar to Night Tales “No need to go elsewhere for a pre-show meal or a post-shoe drink, as every corner inside has you covered.” (Messina, R. & Lightfoot, L, 2018).

However, this led me to believe that loneliness can be undertaken in any category from a food hall to a bank, which gives confidence that even sophisticated collaborations can incorporate this technique.

Altogether the article was successful in bringing across alternate ways of avoiding millennial loneliness. It was backed up with relevant research such as “18 to 24-year-olds feel three times as lonely as people over 64” along with other statistics, making it a valid article. Therefore, the flaws in the research were minimal and the overall content provided strong evidence.


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