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Experiencing 100% Design

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Based in London, Olympia, exploring a range of designers and companies, gave me a new perspective on the world of creativity.

100% Design, Olympia, London

The hall was full and busy, filled with designers from all walks of life. However, the most enticing and eye-catching moment at Olympia, London was the lecture given by furniture designer, Yinka Ilori. What drew me to this designer was his passion for influencing the city of London. Being from Nigeria, Yinka was surrounded by colour, excitement and festivals which is reflected in his work, from there he was putting that trademark into London as his perspective of the city was dull and lifeless and after stepping back from his views, I began to see in a similar way.

The 100% design center was a cooperation of people from a variation of design industries, who advertise their work. Once in the building, the atmosphere was clustered with professionals making it difficult to know where to start. Within the entrance to the building, way-finding techniques guided customers by using brightly colored elongated shapes on the floor.

Familiar companies emerged, which I have had connections with before, such as James Latham, Hi Macs. I have used some of their samples within my projects to create unusual shapes and designs. From approaching the company, I gained further knowledge such as their ability to hide seams for a clean surface, which would be beneficial for future projects which incorporate a complex feature.

My first experience of the Olympia was a trip I took to view the work produced by designers in the year above me. It gave me an insight into the type of work that me and other people in my year are doing now. However, with it being my first time in such an exciting place, I was sucked into the other stalls around the building. Therefore, I found it beneficial as going a second time gave me an awareness of what I would be facing later in my development stages.

From the experience I took home a range of knowledge and inspiration. Even though the event was based on all designers from a range of backgrounds I was never too far away from finding inventions that could potentially be embedded in my work to influence my personal progress. For example, interactive elements such as light fittings which began to glow with pressure certainly brought the attention of many customers which would be interesting to see in a public space.

Therefore, overall, I found both my first and second experience of the event beneficial to my learning especially because each occasion had new and fresh ideas each time.

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